About Us

About Ryussi

Founded in 2012 by Storage and Networking veterans, Ryussi Technologies specialises in Storage and Systems Software. Ryussi is focused on Product Development and Consulting and its clientele include Fortune 500 companies and several startups. Over the years, it has worked on several challenging problems in the areas of Storage, Virtualization, OpenStack, SDN and Big Data Analytics. More information about Ryussi is available at www.ryussi.com.

About MoSMB

MoSMB(SMB with Mojo)  is Ryussi’s advanced Server Message Block (SMB) server offering for the data storage market to enable file sharing in a heterogeneous environment that includes both Windows and non-Windows computers. MoSMB is built as an SMB2/SMB3 user mode server stack designed to run crucial enterprise workloads such as Enterprise File Server, Microsoft Hyper-V and SQL Server. It is built to be feature-rich, fully compliant, light-weight, low footprint and proprietary license bearing. 

By leveraging MoSMB, storage providers can expand their NAS offering to include SMB protocol with a dramatically decreased Time to Market and increased First Time Right chance.