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MoSMB – RDMA-powered SMB protocol server for demanding 4K/8K Media and Entertainment Workflows
The video is an excerpt from a webinar titled ‘Chelsio T6 iWARP Adapters with Windows 10 Enterprise Client RDMA and Ryussi MoSMB SMB3 server: Enabling High-Speed/Low-Overhead Media and Entertainment (M&E) Workflows’ The speakers in the webinar include Ned Pyle, Principal Program Manager, Windows Server and Storage, Microsoft; Bob Dugan, Director of Engineering, Chelsio and Sandeep Bhambani, CEO, Ryussi Technologies. To view the full webinar, please visit
MoSMB 3.0.2 with HA and Failover Solution

Demo of MoSMB showing High Availability and transparent Failover of SMB client connections

MoSMB 3.0 accessing a  S3 compatible Object Store

Demo of MoSMB-S3 Gateway accessing a file stored on a S3 compatible Object Store

SMB Multi-channel: HA and failover
Demo of MoSMB Multi-channel with High Availability and failover
HyperV VM storage using MoSMB
Demo of using HyperV over MoSMB
Ryussi MoSMB: An Advanced SMB 3 Stack with Sandeep Bhambani
Sandeep Bhambani, the CEO of Ryussi Technologies, introduces the delegates to the company. From there, he begins to give an overview of MoSMB, their proprietary high performance and lightweight SMB solution that supports Windows, MacOS, and Linux.
Ryussi MoSMB Architecture with Sunu Engineer

Sunu Engineer, CTO at Ryussi Technologies, reviews the architectural details of MoSMB, their proprietary SMB stack. This includes support for newer storage controllers, including NVMe. MoSMB allows you to have different types of storage layers with support for heterogeneous storage under the same SMB server.

MoSMB 3.0.2 File Server Demo

Demo of MoSMB deployed as a file server