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Transform Media Workflows: MoSMB’s Incredible Performance Unleashed

In the ever-evolving realm of media production, speed reigns supreme, and MoSMB is leading the charge with unparalleled performance. Tailored specifically for demanding workflows, MoSMB, an SMB 3 file server, harnesses the power of RDMA (Remote Direct Memory Access) to propel digital film production into a new era.

Speeding into the Future with MoSMB!

As the digital film industry surges forward into 4K and beyond, MoSMB stands tall, offering unmatched speed and scalability. From standard definition TV to cutting-edge Digital Cinema 8K, MoSMB effortlessly adapts to varying data rates, ensuring media professionals stay ahead of the curve.

Unmatched Performance

MoSMB achieves groundbreaking performance levels by integrating features optimized for NVMe storage and RDMA, resulting in exceptional throughput and IOPs. Whether it’s supporting multiple channels for 4K, delivering blazing speeds of 150 Gbps for 8K through SMB Direct, or the scalability of SMB Scale Out for handling multiple 8K workloads, MoSMB sets a new benchmark.

Built with a 64-bit architecture and without rigid limitations, MoSMB seamlessly manages vast amounts of files and effortlessly scales to accommodate multiple petabytes of data. From rendering to animation, editing to post-production, color correction to VFX, or virtual reality, MoSMB’s performance and scalability make it the ultimate choice for SMB file servers in the media industry.

MoSMB: Defining the Future

In a world where speed drives progress, MoSMB is paving the way for the future of media production. Its unparalleled performance, complemented by a suite of features to tackle diverse workloads, positions MoSMB as the top solution for media professionals seeking efficiency and innovation.

Step into the future of media production with MoSMB – where speed, scalability, and exceptional performance converge to elevate your workflows to unprecedented levels.

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MoSMB – RDMA-powered SMB protocol server for demanding 4K/8K Media and Entertainment Workflows

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