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Enhancing Cloud Storage with MoSMB Standard Edition on Google Cloud Marketplace

Ryussi Technologies, a leader in the development of SMB 3 (Server Message Block) server solutions for Linux, is thrilled to announce the availability of MoSMB Standard Edition on Google Cloud Marketplace. This launch represents a pivotal advancement for organizations in need of scalable, secure, and high-performance storage solutions in the cloud.

Google Cloud Marketplace is renowned for simplifying the deployment of comprehensive software solutions on Google Cloud. It allows for seamless integration with pivotal Google Cloud services, including Compute Engine and Cloud Storage, facilitating rapid deployment without the necessity for manual configuration.

MoSMB SE on Google Cloud embodies the pinnacle of enterprise-grade SMB NAS file server technology for Linux, designed to efficiently manage demanding workloads across state-of-the-art storage architectures. It ensures exceptional performance, scalability, and reliability across varied operating systems, such as Windows, macOS, and Linux. Thanks to its robust 64-bit architecture, MoSMB is capable of handling billions of files and scaling to petabytes of data, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, including high-speed file servers, NAS gateways for HPC/AI storage, big data analytics, and media and entertainment workflows, as well as backup and archival solutions.

Key Features of MoSMB:

  • Rigorous enforcement of SMB v2/3 protocols for secure operations.
  • Enterprise-level authentication through Active Directory and Kerberos, with NTLMv2 for local users.
  • Data security with SMB v3 Encryption and Signing.
  • Flexible authorization mechanisms with Windows ACLs and basic POSIX ACLs.
  • User-ID mapping for integration in mixed environments, supporting Windows, macOS, and Linux clients.
  • Scalability in performance by optimizing CPU and/or RAM.
  • Compliance with SMB v2 & SMB v3 protocols.

Sandeep Bhambani, CEO of Ryussi Technologies, shares his enthusiasm about the collaboration with Google Cloud, highlighting the ease of deploying a high-performance SMB server to meet diverse operational needs. He also teases upcoming enhancements that will further enrich the Google Cloud offerings for customers.

Explore MoSMB on Google Cloud Marketplace Today

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