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Elevating Media Workflows: MoSMB Media Edition Unleashes Performance for the Entertainment Industry

Ryussi Technologies, the innovator behind MoSMB – the SMB 3 (Server Message Block) server for Linux, is excited to unveil the MoSMB Media Edition, tailored for the Media and Entertainment industry. This edition is enhanced with performance features such as SMB Direct (SMB over RDMA) and Multi-channel, meeting the high demands of media workflows.

The MoSMB Media Edition is the perfect fit for low latency workloads on contemporary storage systems, including NVMe/NVMe-oF. It’s specifically designed for the Media and Entertainment sector, providing unparalleled performance, scalability, and availability in diverse environments that span Windows, macOS, and Linux.

“In the fast-evolving digital film industry, moving to 4K and even higher resolutions, the necessity for rapid data transfer is more critical than ever,” says Sandeep Bhambani, CEO of Ryussi. He further explains, “With its robust 64-bit architecture and no soft limits, the MoSMB server is capable of storing tens of billions of files and scaling to multiple petabytes. For media workflows such as rendering, animation, editing, post-production, color correction, VFX, or virtual reality, MoSMB’s performance and scalability make it the go-to SMB file server.”

Ryussi is currently offering a limited period evaluation license for MoSMB ME, available through the MoSMB Evaluation License portal.

About Ryussi Technologies

Established in 2012 by Storage and Networking veterans, Ryussi Technologies specializes in Storage and Systems Software. Focused on Product Development and Consulting, Ryussi caters to a diverse clientele, including Fortune 100 companies and startups, tackling complex problems in Storage, Cloud, Virtualization, OpenStack, SDN, and Big Data Analytics.

About MoSMB

MoSMB (SMB with Mojo) is Ryussi’s proprietary ANSI C SMB2/SMB3 server implementation on Linux, designed to be fully compliant, high-performance, and highly scalable, serving as a top-tier server solution in user space.

Elevate Your Media Workflows

MoSMB Media Edition is here to revolutionize media and entertainment storage solutions, offering advanced features for demanding workflows. For those looking to push the boundaries of their media storage capabilities, we invite you to try MoSMB Media Edition.

Upgrade your media workflow solutions with MoSMB Media Edition for unmatched performance and efficiency. Secure your limited period evaluation license today and witness the transformative power of MoSMB for your media and entertainment projects.

For more information and to start your trial, visit MoSMB Evaluation License. Explore how MoSMB Media Edition can redefine your data management and elevate your creative potential.

With Ryussi Technologies and MoSMB, you’re not just upgrading your storage solutions; you’re setting new industry standards for media production and workflow efficiency.