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Unleashing High-Speed Cloud Storage Access: MoSMB-S3 Gateway v3.1.1 with RDMA Technology

In a significant development for cloud storage and high-speed data access, Ryussi Technologies is thrilled to announce the latest version of MoSMB-S3 Gateway, v3.1.1. This advanced gateway ushers in a new era of accessing S3 Object Storage with unparalleled speed, thanks to the integration of RDMA (Remote Direct Memory Access) technology. Now, users can experience near-native file system performance, achieving speeds of up to 100 Gbps, a groundbreaking advancement for data-intensive applications.

Why MoSMB-S3 Gateway v3.1.1 Stands Out

Unlike traditional object storage, which often lags in high-throughput, low-latency scenarios, MoSMB-S3 Gateway v3.1.1 breaks the mold. It allows for RDMA’s high-speed access to objects as files, making it perfectly suited for demanding applications such as collaborative media production, genomic analytics, and complex financial simulations.

Sandeep Bhambani, CEO of Ryussi Technologies, highlights the fusion of NAS system usability with object storage’s scalability and cost-effectiveness. This powerful combination addresses the needs of high-speed, data-intensive use cases like never before.

Key Features of MoSMB-S3 Gateway v3.1.1

  • RDMA for High Speed: Leverages RDMA technology for access speeds of approximately 100 Gbps.
  • S3 Compatibility: Seamlessly connects to any S3 compatible object storage, both public and private.
  • Legacy Application Support: Maintains native file semantics, ensuring existing applications operate without modifications.
  • 64-bit Architecture: Handles millions of files and scales to petabytes with ease, maximizing performance and scalability.
  • Wide Object Store Backend Support: Validated with major storage providers including AWS-S3, Wasabi, Minio, and others.

MoSMB-S3 Gateway is not just a technological innovation; it’s a solution designed to be feature-rich, compliant, and secure, meeting the needs of today’s dynamic data environments.

Embrace the Future of Data Management

The release of MoSMB-S3 Gateway v3.1.1 marks a pivotal moment for enterprises looking to leverage the speed of RDMA with the flexibility and economy of object storage. This gateway provides a seamless bridge, allowing for efficient, high-speed data access and management across a variety of use cases.

About Ryussi Technologies

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