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MoSMB brings Object Storage Access at the Speed of RDMA

Pune, India, April 06, 2021 — Ryussi Technologies Pvt Ltd, developer of MoSMB – SMB 3 (Server Message Block) server on Linux, today announced the availability of MoSMB-S3 Gateway v3.1.1. With this release of MoSMB-S3 Gateway, users can access S3 Object Storage at the speed of RDMA.

Traditionally, Object Storage is not intended for high throughput, low latency applications. With MoSMB S3 Gateway, users can leverage RDMA to access objects as files at speeds ~100 Gbps with a standalone gateway. This enables demanding use cases which are otherwise not feasible with Object Storage like Collaborative Media & Entertainment Workflows, Genomic Analytics for Life Sciences, Financial & Business Strategy Simulations, etc.

“MoSMB S3 Gateway combines the features and ease-of-use of NAS systems with the scale and economics of object storage to deliver a powerful combination which caters to a range of high-speed data-intensive use cases.” said Sandeep Bhambani, CEO of Ryussi Technologies.

The Gateway allows users to securely connect to any S3 compatible object storage – Public or Private with MoSMB using standard SMB file interface. With MoSMB S3 Gateway, native file semantics are maintained for the object store so that existing legacy applications can work without any rewrite. The gateway is built to be feature-rich, highly compliant and secure SMB protocol server.

With a 64-bit architecture, a single MoSMB S3 Gateway can easily handle millions of files and scale to multiple petabytes. The gateway is also architected such that it is relatively constraint-free and can utilize the underlying platform’s capabilities and resources to the utmost for maximum performance and scalability.

MoSMB S3 Gateway can support any S3 compatible object store backend. MoSMB-S3 is validated with AWS-S3, Wasabi, Minio, Scality, Ceph, SwiftStack, ActiveScale, Caringo.

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About Ryussi
Ryussi specializes in Storage and Systems Software. The company is focused on Product Development. Its clientele include Fortune 500 companies and several startups. Over the years, it has worked on several challenging problems in the areas of Storage, File systems, Clusters and Networking.

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